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About Flyrise

The Marketing Company Every Small and Midsize Business Has Been Looking For 🎉

What if Managing Your Marketing Felt like Waking up on Christmas Morning as a Kid?

Do you feel like marketing your business is way more confusing than it should be?

You can hire a painter to paint your house, or a mechanic to fix your car. But when it comes to internet marketing, your head starts spinning.

With so many “gurus,” hacks and software all promising salvation, it’s easy to be optimistic about reaching your goals at first.

Perhaps you start by hiring a freelancer or a marketing company. All goes well at first, but over time you start to wonder:

  • What’s actually happening behind the scenes?
  • How can I actually tell if it’s working?
  • Do they really understand my business?

After a bad experience (or three) you may decide just to dive in yourself. How hard can it be, right?

It doesn’t take long, though, before you begin asking:

  • Where do I even start?
  • What do I prioritize?
  • Is this the right long-term strategy?

Initial enthusiasm fades as the complexity and workload tied to great marketing starts to become apparent. Everything is then bucketed for “down the road.”

We’re here to put our arm around your shoulder and say,
“It actually doesn’t have to be like this.”

We created Flyrise because we grew weary of looking at other marketing companies and saying “Really, dude?”

Digital marketing is an industry notoriously filled with charlatans and amateurs. Those that do know what they’re doing overcharge compared to the value they are creating.

BUT, since great marketing can lead to life-changing growth for you and your business, many owners and marketing managers put up with it. What choice do they have?

As marketing experts ourselves, we grew to despise this dynamic and set out to create something better.

We built a unique business model with three fundamentals:

Streamlined Delivery: Flyrise offers cost-effective marketing campaigns by trimming excess, focusing on efficiency without compromising quality.

Mastered Fundamentals: We prioritize essential marketing principles, ensuring impactful campaigns that deliver for a wide range of small businesses.

Simple Communication: Our communication approach is clear and intuitive, keeping clients informed, regardless of their marketing expertise.

As a result, powerful and professional marketing is now within reach for small and midsize businesses.

Meet Your Guides

The Flyrise team is a digital marketing agency specialized in helping small and midsize businesses flourish.


Kris A.

Tulsa, OK


Alex R.

Sisters, OR

marketing guide

Kevin R.

Portland, OR

content guide

Corinne Y.

Portland, OR

website guide

Eric R.

Eugene, OR

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Alex F.

Denver, CO

We Help Businesses Avoid Disappointing Experiences Like This


Client Name 

I’m spending $3,000 a month for my marketing and I’m not really sure what’s happening or if it’s paying off.


Yeah, whenever I ask they just explain a bunch of things I don’t really understand. They’re telling me it’s working, but I’m not really seeing any improvement. And usually I have to follow up a few times just to hear back.

To put it simply, everything about what we’re doing here at Flyrise reflects the exact opposite of that sentiment.

We help our clients do marketing in a way that’s transparent, straightforward, and even fun. New customers start to find you, love you, and your business grows.

Kris Asleson

Partner & Lead Strategist

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