Logo Design Cost
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Logo Design Cost: From $1,000 to $100,000
Written by Corinne Yank

With just a quick Google search, you’ll find freelancers on sites like Fiverr that will whip you up a logo for as little as $5.

On the other end of the spectrum, British Petroleum shelled out more than 200 million for their logo and branding package in 2008.

As you will quickly learn, logo design costs can vary enormously – even among the largest brands with the most substantial budgets.

So how much can a small to mid-sized business expect to pay for logo design services? With such a wide price range and so many different ways of going about logo design, it can be difficult to budget and plan accordingly. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore logo design options, factors that affect the cost, logo cost examples, and available branding services to help you visualize the possibilities and make an informed investment. 

Logo Design Cost 101

You may be wondering why logo design costs vary so drastically. How can it be that one logo costs just $10 while another costs $100,000? 

Well, because so many factors affect the logo design process and pricing. Below are the major factors that determine the cost of logo design services: 

  • Designer Type: There are different types of logo design services to choose from, including online logo generators, crowdsourcing platforms, freelance designers, and professional design or branding agencies. We’ll explore each of these more thoroughly in the sections below. 
  • Quality & Complexity: Logos can be very simple or highly customized and unique. A designer could use a basic template or hand-drawn illustrations and custom fonts. The complexity of the design, including the level of customization and the number of elements, colors, and typography, will affect the cost. 
  • Designer Experience & Expertise: As to be expected, more experienced designers or agencies tend to command higher rates. With more advanced skills, tools, industry knowledge, and a proven track record, you can normally expect high-quality results. 
  • Research & Concept Development: Good things take time, and logos are no different. Developing a successful logo that speaks to your target audience requires extensive research, brainstorming, and conceptualization. How much time and effort is invested into understanding the brand, its values, target audience, and competitors will also affect the overall price. 
  • Revisions & Iterations: Most professional designers will treat logo design as an iterative process and include a certain number of rounds of revisions and refinements. Additional rounds of revisions outside of the original scope of the project will likely cost extra. 
  • Location: Prices can also vary depending on where you’re based. For example, design agencies in major cities will cost much more than working with a designer in a small town. Working with a designer online will typically fall somewhere in the middle. 
  • Additional Brand Assets: Some logo design services are sold as packages, with additional visual branding assets included. For example, some designers might simply deliver the logo files, while others will include fonts, color palettes, secondary icons, and a visual brand guide that details how the assets should and should not be applied across various marketing channels. 
  • Pricing Model: Another factor to consider is the pricing model you agree to. The three most common are fixed pricing, hourly pricing, and package pricing. Fixed and package pricing are typically preferred for budgeting purposes. 

Logo Design Prices

As previously mentioned, logo design can cost anywhere from $10 to well over $10,000. But more often than not, you can expect the cost of professional logo design services to fall somewhere between $500 and $5,000. 

Below are some typical price ranges for different types of logo design services: 

  • DIY Route or Online Logo Maker: $0 to $200 
  • Freelancing Platform: $150 to $500 
  • Crowdsourcing Platform or Design Contest: $300 and up 
  • Small Design Agency: $3,000 to $10,000
  • Major Design Agency: $10,000 to $100,000+

The Difference Between a $1,000 Logo and a $100k+ Logo

Understanding what to expect from different price points can help you make an informed decision when selecting a logo design service. Here’s a breakdown of the different price ranges and the corresponding services and results you can typically anticipate: 

$10+ logo 

At the lowest end of the spectrum, you’ll find makeshift logos, often made by combining pre-existing graphics. These types of logos tend to lack originality and band strategy. Although they are a cheap and fast option, they will not be very clean or professional

  • Premade or template-based design 
  • Risk of plagiarized graphics 
  • Lack of uniqueness and customization 
  • Quick and inexpensive 
  • Examples: Fiverr, a low-cost logo template website 

$100+ logo

For a slightly higher budget, you can expect to work with less experienced designers or freelancers that handle multiple projects simultaneously. This leaves them with limited time for competitor research and brand strategy. In addition, they often don’t possess the skills needed to command higher prices.

  • Part-time designers or freelancers with a high workload 
  • Minimal research and strategic thinking 
  • Heavy reliance on client input for design direction
  • A limited number of concepts and revisions 
  • Examples: Freelance platforms like Upwork, entry-level freelancers 

$1,000+ logo

Increasing your investment to one or a few thousand dollars opens up the opportunity to collaborate with more experienced designers that can guide you through a complete logo design process. They will strive to create a unique logo that aligns with your vision and effectively represents your brand.

  • More creativity, customization, and professional experience 
  • Time dedicated to understanding the client’s brand and target audience 
  • Multiple design concepts and revisions 
  • Other visual brand assets included 
  • Examples: Freelance designers with a strong portfolio, small to mid-sized design agencies 

$10,000+ logo

When you invest a substantial budget into your logo design process, you can expect a more comprehensive branding experience lead by a team of brand strategists, marketers, and graphic designers

  • Involves a team of marketers and designers 
  • Tried and true branding process that consistently delivers results
  • Significant investment in brand strategy and market research 
  • Comprehensive brand identity package that includes a brand messaging strategy and other valuable assets 
  • Examples: Established branding agencies 

$100,000+ logo

At the highest end of the spectrum, you’ll find logo design services with an exceptional level of quality, experience, and attention to detail. This likely includes virtually unlimited concepts, iterations, and rounds of revisions to ensure the resulting logo is meticulously crafted to be distinctive and tailored specifically to your brand’s values, vision, and personality.

  • A team of designers, strategists, and consultants, each bringing their expertise to the table
  • Extensive research, brand strategy, and market analysis to ensure the logo reflects the brand’s unique positioning and resonates with the target audience
  • Comprehensive brand identity development, including brand guidelines, typography, color palette, and supporting visual assets
  • Meticulously crafted to be distinctive and unique, tailored specifically to the brand’s values, vision, and personality
  • Examples: The iconic Apple logo cost around $100,000 in 1977. 

It’s important to note that these descriptions provide a general idea of what to expect at different price points in the logo design industry. However, each service provider may have its own approach, expertise, and deliverables. Before selecting a logo design service, carefully review their portfolio, read client testimonials, and have a detailed discussion about your specific requirements and expectations. This will help ensure a successful collaboration and the creation of a logo that effectively represents your brand.

Professional Logo Cost Examples 

The logo examples below fall in the $3k to $10k price range and were delivered along with other brand assets, including icons, fonts, a color palette, and a detailed visual brand guide to ensure consistent and professional application. 

This logo for a professional electrician service is clean and straight to the point. The italicized letters and sharp edges emphasize the speed and efficiency their electrical technicians take. The triangle pointing upwards suggests the idea that they are always looking to go above and beyond to make their customers’ experience the best in the industry. 

logo design prices

This logo for an ice vending business is more whimsical and creative, yet still clean and professional. The style and placement of the custom lettering and accent marks help to convey the feeling and experience of shivering. This is an ingenious way to hint at the type of business without relying on an obvious, overdone icon of ice or snow. 

how much does logo design cost

Strong, bold letters give visual weight to this logo for an outdoor adventure gear brand and reinforce the target audience’s desire to be stronger and more capable. The star represents the North Star, a symbol associated with the brand’s message, “Get lost to find your true North.” 

professional logo design cost

These are just a few examples of the kind of quality and professionalism you can expect when you invest in a mid-range logo with a small yet experienced and professional digital marketing agency like Flyrise. 

How Much Does Logo Design Cost for Most Businesses?

For most small businesses, logo design costs typically fall somewhere between $500 and $5,000. This price range allows for more professional, customized logos that effectively represent the brand. 

New businesses or startups often have limited resources and need to carefully allocate their budget. While it can be tempting to opt for lower-priced logo design options, it’s crucial to consider the long-term impact of the logo on the brand’s perception and recognition. Investing in a well-designed and professional logo can help establish a strong brand identity from the start and differentiate the business from competitors.

Professional recommendations on how much a business should spend on a logo vary, but it can be helpful to refer to general guidelines from industry experts. For self-funded startups, a general rule of thumb is to invest between 5-15% of your total startup budget on branding. You can always start with the basics and increase your investment once you have more money to spend. A new business can typically get by with a name, web domain, logo, and other basic branding assets, brand messaging, and a well-designed, yet simple, website. 

How much to spend on a logo will also depend on the type of business you’re starting and how important branding is to the specific industry you’re in. For example, a highly technical B2B business will likely find visual branding less important than a product that will be sold in retail stores. Think about how your logo will be used and how important it will be to your specific target audience. Products and services targeted toward high-end clients and customers will require a more polished and sophisticated brand than those sold to the masses.

For more established brands with a solid customer base, rebranding is another option to consider that can help keep costs to a minimum. A logo redesign or refresh can help you stay relevant, attract new customers, or reflect a change in company values or positioning. Investing in a higher-priced logo design service can ensure a comprehensive and strategic approach to the logo’s development, considering factors such as market research, brand strategy, and target audience analysis. 

Common Misconceptions About the Cost for Logo Design

Logo design plays a crucial role in shaping a business’s brand identity, and it’s essential for businesses to consider the cost associated with this important investment. However, misconceptions about logo design costs can lead to unrealistic expectations and potentially detrimental decisions. Below, we’ll debunk some of the most common misconceptions so that you can gain a clearer understanding of the value of logo design. 

  • “I can get a logo for $5 on freelancing websites”: While inexpensive options exist, it’s crucial to understand the quality, uniqueness, and legal implications of such logos. These cheap logos are often generic templates or clip art, lacking the customized touch that represents your brand effectively. A poor-quality or unprofessional logo can do more harm to your business than good. 
  • “A logo is just a simple graphic, so it should be cheap”: Creating an impactful logo requires strategic thinking, creativity, and a deep understanding of your brand’s values and target audience. A well-designed logo can provide a strong return on investment by establishing brand recognition and loyalty. It’s often the first impression potential clients or customers have of your company, so it’s a worthwhile investment. 
  • “If a logo is super expensive, it’s definitely going to be higher quality”: Just because a logo costs more or comes from a well-known agency, doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be higher quality. This is especially true once you get above a few thousand dollars. When comparing prices, consider all the factors discussed above. If the logo design process is thorough and the designer is experienced, you can typically move forward with confidence. 
  • “Logo design is a one-time cost”: While the initial logo design may be a one-time cost, it’s essential to consider the long-term implications. As your business evolves and expands, you may need to adapt your logo to maintain relevance and consistency across various marketing channels. This could include resizing for different platforms, creating variations for specific campaigns, or incorporating new brand elements. It’s important to budget for ongoing logo maintenance and updates.
  • “A higher-priced logo guarantees instant success”: Investing in a higher-priced logo design service does not guarantee instant success or business growth. While a well-designed logo is a vital component of a strong brand identity, it’s just one piece of the overall branding and marketing strategy. Factors such as product quality, customer service, and effective marketing efforts also contribute to a business’s success. The logo is a powerful visual symbol, but it must be supported by a comprehensive business strategy to achieve desired results.

It’s important for businesses to understand these common misconceptions about logo design costs and to approach the process with realistic expectations. A carefully considered budget and collaboration with experienced designers or agencies can result in a logo that effectively represents the brand and helps achieve long-term business goals.

Awesome Branding without the Excessive Professional Logo Design Cost!

Here at Flyrise, our logo design services generally cost between $3k and $10k depending on your specific needs. This typically includes complete visual branding design, not just logo design— primary and secondary logos, icons, fonts, color palettes, and thorough branding guidelines for consistent application. We also offer additional branding services, including brand messaging and positioning, company naming, and website design. 

Our logo design process is designed to be comprehensive yet efficient, without cutting any corners. Our experienced and creative designers will provide you with multiple concepts and rounds of revisions to ensure that you can proudly stand behind your new logo. At the end of the project, we will deliver a highly professional, top-quality, on-brand logo in a reasonable time frame without the excessive design costs that many other agencies change. 

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new logo, a logo redesign, or customizable digital marketing packages, Flyrise will bring your brand to life!