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Social Media Content Creation Services

Social media has radically changed the way we do content creation. It’s more than just building a reputation, it’s about forging connections and creating a brand that your target audience can relate to. Mere presence through social media content is not enough anymore; you have to keep people engaged, foster a community, and initiate conversations that generate the culture and rapport you want for your brand.

You need social media content creation services that understand the value of rapport and can create the brand personality you want to engage your target audience. From Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all the way to TikTok — content creation for social media demands a deep understanding of the different platforms and how you can best use them to position your brand.

Social Media Services

Social Media Content Creation Pricing and Packages

Choose a social media content creation package that fits your needs! We have flexible deals that let you focus on generating results while still keeping costs reasonable.

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Social Media FAQs

What is Social Media Content Creation?

Social media content creation is the process of identifying and generating content geared toward social media platforms. The process involves more than just giving your followers information about your products, services, or business updates. Instead, a good social media content creation agency will encourage your target audience to like, follow, subscribe, share, or comment on your post!

Content creation for social media involves long-term strategies that help build rapport between yourself and the target audience. It involves planning and customizing content depending on the platform you intend to post on. For example, our Facebook content creation strategies are different from formulated Instagram content creation strategies. With years of experience in social media management and content creation, part of our service involves creating customized plans that cater not just to your specific needs but to the demands of the platform for optimized content.

Why Choose Flyrise as Your Content Creation Agency?

We here at Flyrise understand the value of community when it comes to social media marketing. We take things a few steps further by customizing a strategy that is uniquely yours. Veering away from the typical and formulaic approach to content creation, our agency employs the help of various experts in the field to deliver measurable results for your business. 

To obtain our goals, Flyrise uses the best analytics tools in the market combined with SEO experts with years of experience in the industry. The combination of these two disciplines helps us formulate strategies that work well with social media algorithms and search engines to guarantee optimized content.

Beyond the technical, however, our team also includes creatives who can help generate unique and attention-grabbing ideas for your social media page. Stop following the trends and start setting them through our curated efforts.

Our goal is more than just providing you with quality content; part of our service also includes ensuring you get the results you want with our system! This means consistent monitoring, auditing, and updating of content to make sure you’re always a few steps ahead of the competition.

We’ll be more than happy to talk about what we do here at Flyrise. Feel free to contact us today and find out what our services can do to get your company to fly!

Social Media Content Creation Packages

We offer a variety of social media content creation services designed to fit all types of business models. You can choose the below packages depending on your needs at any given time. We’d also be happy to offer suggestions on the best package that will fit your business needs. Depending on the package you get, our service will offer a mix of the following:
Content Creation Strategy

We understand the value of planning ahead when it comes to content creation for social media. Our Flyrise team makes a point of studying social media algorithms, gathering data, making comparisons, and plotting the perfect strategy to achieve measurable goals. Beyond brainstorming content, our social media management and content creation services involve the following:

  • Using online surveys and leveraging polls through social media platforms
  • Using analytics tools
  • Listening to social cues and monitoring competition to find out future content plans
  • Brainstorming content ideas and auditing existing content for updates and relevance
  • Figuring out popular keywords and making sure to publish content centered around those keywords
  • Optimizing the structure of the content
  • Utilizing multiple content formats like videos, audio, images, and reels to cover all bases
  • Creating a content calendar for multiple platforms
  • Cross-checking content from different platforms and keeping everything up to date
  • Encouraging user-generated content through surveys, questions, and interactions
  • Using SMART methodology to define goals and create measurable wins for the company

Contact us today and find out what else we can offer with our content creation strategies!

Instagram Content Creation
Instagram is more than just an image curating site nowadays, as more and more people harness the power of pictures to build their businesses. It’s not surprising that Instagram has a billion users — but not everyone stands out from the crowd. This is where we come in. Through Flyrise, your content will take on a life of its own!

More than just stunning images, our creation strategy involves creating a pattern that allows your uploads to tell a story. Original content combined with the right tags and timely uploads can quickly take your content to the top of suggestions.

Facebook Content Creation
Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, with over a billion members at any given time! When it comes to social media content creation packages, you’ll find that Facebook demands a lot of your time. This is because Facebook is a constantly evolving platform.

Just recently, they started allowing Reels — short videos which are similar to YouTube shorts. This means that aside from typical posts and videos, you’ll need to start creating content with short bursts of video that run for just a few seconds.

Our team at Flyrise are veritable experts when it comes to Facebook content creation. Part of our service includes making sure you’re up to date with the platform’s changes and adjusting your marketing strategies accordingly.

Video Content Creation
Almost all social media platforms today have evolved to accommodate video formats. With Instagram jumping on the bandwagon with their Reels, it becomes obvious that videos are becoming a popular tool for marketing. Flyrise has quickly adapted to this new format by providing our clients with a video strategy that encompasses their brand goals. Through our system, we can curate unique and attention-grabbing ideas that will trigger shares and responses.

We can also extend assistance to the creation of videos themselves by providing information on the best format for your business model. More than just delivering entertainment and information through your videos, our ultimate goal here at Flyrise is to guide you in creating videos that make an impact.

SEO Content Creation
No matter what happens with the social media platform or what kind of content you’re using, SEO remains to be the top priority! Every piece of content you make should be geared towards SEO. Unfortunately, SEO takes some study time and knowledge of algorithms and analytics. This is something we excel in here at Flyrise.

The goal is to build your ranking through consistent, relevant, and white-hat SEO-centric strategies that quickly put you on top of social media platforms and search engines. We’ll be happy to take you through our process.

Other Social Media Content Creation Services

Social Media Audits

Social media audits are something many businesses seem to miss out on. Just because you’re consistently posting and getting positive feedback doesn’t mean all of your efforts are contributing to the goal. Our social media audits take all your existing data and put it in a convenient graph. This allows us to quickly track your progress and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. 

More importantly, this tells us which strategies are giving you the best leads and which ones have zero impact on your bottom line. With an audit, our goal is to refocus all your efforts toward profitable and effective strategies that contribute to the brand. Stop spending time, money, and resources on strategies that don’t work and concentrate on the activities with a high return!

Social Media Content Monitoring

It’s not enough to post content; you need to monitor it and see the reach of each post. At the same time, you need to engage the people who interact with your post. Unanswered comments can quickly lower the morale of your followers — causing them to stop messaging you or engaging in your content in any way. 

The monitoring process is a 24/7 job. You want to be active with your responses and quick to answer questions! At Flyrise, we have created a system that guarantees instant replies to keep your followers engaged and your posts at the top of their feed!

Social Media Consulting

Some businesses have the resources to perform their own social media market research. The process of using analytics, buying software, and collecting information can be a huge drain on any company’s resources. Here at Flyrise, we offer all these services within a convenient package. Manned by some of the best in the industry, we have access to top-notch software used by big companies to monitor their data. From there, we are in the perfect position to provide additional information on the best possible direction to take for your business. 

Our consultation will involve a study of the social media landscape, your existing industry, and the future of your brand in social media. This will help you position yourself and jump on the trends long before they become big! Be the first in line with our predictive strategies with the help of veritable experts in the field. Our experts will be available on schedule to help you work through the data, identify problem points, and work through solutions.

Small Business Social Media

Need to have your social media scaled down to manageable levels? It just so happens that scaling is something we excel in here at Flyrise. We understand that startups need expert advice without breaking the bank. Our system answers this need by giving you scaled-down versions of content creation for social media. Only pay for what you actually need and grow your social media content creation packages along with your business!

Of course, those are just some of the services we do here at Flyrise. Keep in mind that our packages contain a combination of services, depending on what you need. We understand that you might not benefit from all of the services we offer above — which is why we provide a flexible system. This way, you can create the package you need and the results you want without spending too much on overhead!

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Schedule a free strategy session with our social media experts
Receive a customized proposal for the social media services you need
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our social media pros get to work!

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Social Media Content Creation Examples

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