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Today's technology has allowed many aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap and start their own business. In the past, one of the biggest challenges for small businesses was marketing and getting their name out there. With the invention of social media, this process has become much easier and cheaper. However, with so many platforms to choose from, it can be overwhelming for a small business owner to know where to start, much less how to use social media effectively.

If you're a small business owner, we're pretty sure you've had challenges in ensuring there are enough resources to cover critical aspects of your business, including digital marketing. However, strategies and campaigns are ever-evolving and you might not have the time or knowledge to keep up. As such, you may want to consider outsourcing social media marketing to professionals who have accumulated skills and expertise in effective social media marketing for small businesses.

Creating scalable systems is one of the best ways to grow a small business. This means that a business needs to have some sort of automated way of handling the customer or client. As it happens, scaling is Flyrise’s specialty.

It’s all about automating what can be automated and knocking all the other parts of small business social media out of their respective parks.

Of course, it’s all for nothing without that ever-important relevant and interesting content. Small business social media, more than any other type, must absolutely be relevant, interesting, different, and likable.

Another important aspect of small business social media is choosing which platforms to use. Not every channel is for every business. Knowing what you don’t need to do helps immensely.

You also have to know your target audience to find the best social media platforms to reach them. It’s important to be visible on the channels they frequent most. If you’re trying to reach millennials, for example, TikTok and Instagram should be your go-to social media sites. For older consumers, Facebook and Twitter should be your top choices.

Additionally, consider which platforms will be most effective for promoting your product or service. If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn should be one of your main social media sites. And if you’re in the e-commerce space, Instagram and Pinterest should definitely be on your radar.

We recommend focusing your energy on a couple of channels and doing them really well, rather than trying to maintain a presence on all of them and ending up with minimal results.

It's so important to understand your target audience and create customer personas to help you determine which social media platforms they are most likely to use. It's also important to consider which social media platforms will allow you to achieve your business goals.

Social Media Services

Small Business Social Media Management Plans

We offer various social media marketing packages for small businesses. Check out our pricing chart and testimonials to confirm our services’ value for money.

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Social Media Management Services for Small Business

Learn more about the types of small business social media services we offer based on your businesses specific needs and characteristics.
Done-For-You Social Media Packages for Small Business

Social media marketing is easy to do but hard to do well. That’s why you see so many cut-rate amateurs running around. If all you want is the lowest price, feel free to use a freelancing platform. But if you’re looking for the best value–results that 10x your investment like they’re supposed to–then read on.

Broadly, Flyrise offers eight types of social media marketing services. Our social media packages are made up of these services. But when you really get down to it, our pre-cut packages are just starting points. Every business is different so naturally, each client’s social media package is actually a custom deal.

That’s how our social media packages can be so powerful and affordable, at the same time. Their power comes from their particular focus on your business’s goals; their affordability comes from that power (i.e., genuine return on your investment), and also from the fact that we don’t waste time and money charging you for services that wouldn’t actually help your business the way other cookie-cutter services do. Our social media packages, simply put, are systemized where they should be to keep things efficient, and customized where they shouldn’t to drive real results.

Social Media Consulting for Small Business

Some businesses have the resources to do a lot of their own social media marketing in house. Often, they have a staff that’s perfectly capable of executing social media campaigns, but isn’t experienced in planning or strategizing them.

Other times, a marketing manager or strategist is just wishing for another expert to collaborate with.

These are times to call in a social media consultant. With the best tools and the experience to know them inside and out, Flyrise’s social media consultants are veritable experts in reading the social media landscape, putting together effective strategies, researching their execution, and–when it’s needed–even executing those strategies.

Book a call today to find out how much easier social media marketing can be with a good social media consultant in your corner.

Social Media Management for Small Business

Our social media management services include the following:

  • Audit

First, we’ll start with a comprehensive audit of your social media channels. We’ll analyze your current content strategy and make recommendations for improvement. By doing so, we can help you better understand your target audience and how to best reach them through social media.

Audits are a crucial first step to understanding what is and isn’t working in your social media campaigns. They help to identify opportunities for improvement and set the stage for more effective social media strategy and execution. Aside from evaluating your content and understanding your target audience, it also helps us establish social media KPIs (key performance indicators) to track progress and key metrics.

  • Strategy

Once we have an idea of what’s working and what’s not working in your social media campaigns, we can start to put together a strategy for improving your social media presence. This will involve creating goals and objectives, as well as strategies for reaching those goals.

We pride ourselves on being able to develop creative and out-of-the-box strategies that will help your business reach its target audience on social media. Plus, we make sure to provide customized solutions that are specifically tailored to your business goals, target audience, and budget.

  • Content Creation

Creating engaging and compelling content is one of the most important aspects of social media management for small businesses. Our team of experienced content creators will work with you to develop a strategy that resonates with your target audience and drives results.

Publishing posts on social media is quite different from your usual blog posts or website articles. The key is to be strategic about the content you create and post. That’s where our team comes in. We will help you develop a social media content strategy that works for your business.

We’ll make use of visuals to catch the attention of potential customers, and we’ll also make sure that the content we create is in line with your branding. After all, social media is an extension of your brand, and it’s important that the content reflects that.

  • Monitoring

Aside from conducting audits, coming up with strategies, and creating content, we’ll also monitor your channels for conversions and engagements consistently. This way, you can be sure that your social media platforms are being utilized to their fullest potential and you’re reaping all the benefits that come with a strong social media presence.

Engagements are important for two reasons. First, because they show you what content is resonating with your audience, and second, because they create opportunities for further engagement that can lead to conversions. By keeping an eye on your engagements, we can help you determine which content is most successful and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Having lots of engagement on your social media channels is great, but if those engagements aren’t leading to conversions, then they’re not doing much for your business. Our social media management services include monitoring your channels for conversions so that we can make sure your social media presence is resulting in real ROI.

  • Consultation

If you’ve been in the business for quite some time, you may already have established social media campaigns that are working for your small business. However, there’s always a way to improve those strategies and reel in even more conversions.

You can benefit from our social media consulting for small business services and we’ll take a look at your current campaigns and listen to your goals. From there, our small business social media consultant works with you to come up with a social media management plan that will help you achieve success.

  • Analytics

Of course, analytics is always a critical part of social media management for any business. But for small businesses, it’s often the only way to know if your social media campaigns are really working.

There are a number of different ways to measure your success on social media, but some key metrics to look at include engagement rates, reach, referral traffic, and sales or leads generated. Our team of social media marketing experts can help you track and interpret your social media analytics to ensure that your campaigns are as effective as possible.

Outsourcing Social Media for Small Business

As mentioned, you can always look for social media managers on freelancing sites to save money. However, you may not get the most return for your investment this way because the people you hire might not have the skills and expertise to pull off successful social media campaigns.

On the other hand, you can hire in-house. Although this solution offers more control, it can quickly become expensive as you add staff members dedicated to social media. You also need to consider the cost of training these individuals and the opportunity cost of taking them away from other tasks they could be doing for your business.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a team of in-house social media experts, you can always outsource your social media needs to a marketing agency that specializes in small business. This solution is more affordable and still offers you the ability to have a consistent social media presence across all platforms.

Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • You can get more services for your money. Social media management companies that work with small businesses will give you a wider range of services than an independent freelancer. This means that you can get more bang for your buck and you don’t have to worry about managing different freelancers yourself.
  • You can get a team of experts. When you work with a social media management company, you’ll have access to a team of experts rather than just one person. This can be helpful if you need help with strategy, creative content, or even technical issues.
  • You can build a relationship. When you outsource social media to a company, you’ll likely build a stronger relationship than you would with a freelancer. This can be helpful if you need to make changes or adjustments to your social media strategy down the road.
  • You can get a custom solution. Social media management companies that cater to small businesses will be more likely to create a custom solution that fits your specific needs. This is opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach that you might get from a freelancer.
  • You have more time to focus on your business goals. Small business owners wear many hats, and trying to add social media management to the list can be difficult. If you outsource social media, you can take some time back and focus on other areas of your business.
  • You enjoy less overhead costs. Hiring a social media management company for small business like Flyrise can be more cost-effective for small businesses than maintaining an in-house social media team because you don’t have to worry about employee benefits, training, or managing a team. Additionally, you can work with a company that already has the tools and infrastructure in place to service clients quickly and effectively.

If you’re considering outsourcing social media for small business, it’s definitely worth looking into social media management companies such as Flyrise. You’ll likely get more services, a better return on your investment, and a custom solution that fits your specific needs.

Importance of Social Media for Small Business

Conventional media is expensive. The barriers to entry are so high that most of us can’t get over them without bringing on investors. The miracle of the internet and social marketing is their minuscule cost–instead of paying for presentation skill and buying media time/space, we now can just pay for the presentation help and if need be, keep our efforts in the realm of free access.

Of course, the big companies use social marketing too, and they are obviously advantaged by their size and wealth. The good news is that with social marketing, we can pinpoint when, where, and how to communicate with potential customers, and then track our results. When it goes well, huge numbers of sales can be generated by very modest investments; when it doesn’t, we can find out why and adjust.

Professional experience creating beautiful presentations across media is the first reason to talk with a digital marketing agency about taking your marketing to the next level; the ability to get detailed feedback on your efforts is the second. Thankfully, this insight is easier–i.e., less expensive–than ever, but it still takes familiarity with the industry and marketing resources that small business owners simply don’t have the time to acquire and become proficient at.

It’s high time to have a proper social media campaign for your small business. With Flyrise, you can get complete social media management services for small businesses that will help you to connect with your customers and create a brand identity.

We can help you develop scalable systems and best practices so that you can focus on other aspects of running your business. Our team will work with you to create social media goals and objectives that are tailored to your business. In addition, we’ll help you to select the right social media platforms for your business and develop a content strategy that will engage your customers.

You don’t have to worry about the time and effort required to manage your social media accounts. We’ll take care of everything, from posting updates to responding to customer queries. Our team will also provide you with regular reports so that you can track the progress of your social media campaign.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you to take your small business to the next level with social media management services.

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Schedule a free strategy session with our social media experts
Receive a customized proposal for the social media services you need
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our social media pros get to work!

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