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Powerful & Affordable Social Media Packages

Social media marketing is easy to do but hard to do well. That’s why you see so many cut-rate amateurs running around. If all you want is the lowest price, feel free to use a freelancing platform. But if you’re looking for the best value--results that 10x your investment like they’re supposed to--then read on.

Broadly, Flyrise offers eight types of social media marketing services. Our social media packages are made up of these services. But when you really get down to it, our pre-cut packages are just starting points. Every business is different so naturally, each client’s social media package is actually a custom deal.

That’s how our social media packages can be so powerful and affordable, at the same time. Their power comes from their particular focus on your business’s goals; their affordability comes from that power (i.e., genuine return on your investment), and also from the fact that we don’t waste time and money charging you for services that wouldn’t actually help your business the way other cookie-cutter services do. Our social media packages, simply put, are systemized where they should be to keep things efficient, and customized where they shouldn’t to drive real results.

Social Media Services

Social Media Plans and Pricing

A few of our social media plans are outlined below. One thing to remember while browsing our social media packages is that the prices are not set in stone. Maybe you need a little more help in one area of social media marketing than another; that’s alright. We work with our clients one on one to build a custom social media plan that fits perfectly into their brand, company vision, and budget!

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Types of Social Media Packages

Learn more about the types of Social Media packages we offer based on your businesses specific needs and characteristics.

Complete Social Media Management Packages

Anyone with a social media account knows that after even just one day away from the feed you can feel behind, uninformed, or just plain out of the loop. This achy feeling of being left behind is only amplified when your social media account is a part of your business! To be successful on social media, businesses must be ready to consistently publish great content, quickly fix any bugs, and answer all inquiries or comments about their products or services. Our complete social media management packages will cover this and much more, benefiting even the most savvy social media magicians!

The need for increased visibility and awareness grows daily for small businesses on social media; as each day offline is one for the competition. With more than enough professional experience necessary to efficiently research the current competition niche market trends, prepare resilient and relevant marketing strategies, produce quality copy and content, publish it all, and manage it, our social media management experts will keep your business in the spotlight for years to come!

Social Media Advertising Packages

One of the pillars of social media marketing is consistency; consistency in post quality, brand voice, content focus, post frequency, and more. This can be hard to achieve when there is nothing consistent about social media trends or the platforms themselves. . Allow us the opportunity to prepare a customized social media advertising plan for your business, and see how consistently we can show up for you!

Social Media Maintenance Packages

In contrast to popular belief, social media maintenance packages include much more than just technical posting or messaging support. Social media maintenance packages can be all inclusive with daily support for customer issues and unexpected public relations. The maintenance of social media accounts can include tasks like replying to DMs and customer inquiries, contacting Facebook directly to ask about publishing problems, and managing any functionality or security issues.

Social Media Coaching Packages

If you’re a go-getter that would like to one day manage your social media accounts in-house, our social media coaching package might be the best option for you! Whether you were born with a Facebook account or you’re just signing in, our coaching packages will be tailored to your specific needs. Meeting you where you are, we want to support your understanding of social media marketing and instill levels of confidence not previously seized. Our clients can depend on us for help in all areas of social media marketing and personal marketing development.

Social Media Setup Packages

If you have yet to start the amazing journey of social media marketing, we are excited to be your guides! Social media has changed the landscape of digital marketing for companies and industries of all sizes. Social media accounts have become a one-stop-shop for customers to engage with their favorite brands. Curious consumers are easily able to learn about their favorite company’s new products and make live purchases right there through the app. There is no better time than now to take advantage of the most valuable asset in digital marketing!

Social Media Branding Packages

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Social Media Content Packages

Social media platforms are no longer solely for trading family pictures and funny home videos, they’re for ecommerce, consumer and competition research, brand voice establishment, and much, much more. With each platform providing a unique interactive digital experience to its users, businesses must know which platform their audiences prefer and what they want to see. Our content creators can take the guesswork out of great, quality content so you can get back on the sales floor!

Social Media Marketing Packages for New Businesses

New businesses have more than the initial hurdles of creating the vision and content for their social media profile pages, they must also be able to simultaneously attract new eyes as well. The stress and pressure that comes with this fact can cause business owners to post substandard, frivolous, or irrelevant content, discouraging new traffic from becoming new customers. Without professional help from experienced digital marketers, social media profiles for new businesses can look more like blooper reels rather than highlight reels.

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Schedule a free strategy session with our social media experts
Receive a customized proposal for the social media services you need
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our social media pros get to work!

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Social Media Service Case Studies

See for yourself some of our favorite social media projects and social marketing success stories!

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