Brand Audit Services

Brand Audit Services

Get a Crystal Clear Understanding of Your Brand's Position

Thorough, Insightful Brand Audits for Small and Midsize Businesses

Brand Audits for Small and Midsize Businesses

Today’s corporate landscape is characterized by fierce competition. As a business, you must differentiate yourself to survive and thrive. One thing that sets your company apart from the crowd is your brand.

A well-maintained and consistently growing brand is a valuable asset for any business. That’s why monitoring your brand’s health and performance is crucial. A brand audit gives you a new perspective on your brand by examining it through the eyes of your target audience and the public.

To businesses with underperforming brands, an audit is a chance to make changes and improve effectiveness. Those on the right path can use it as a stepping stone to full optimization. In a brand audit, we will examine your brand’s current performance in light of your stated objectives. Then, we’ll take a look at the market as a whole to see how your performance compares to others in the industry.

Internal and external viewpoints, competition, market trends, business goals, visuals, marketing messages, digital presence, and more are all examined during this research-based process. Using a brand audit, you can see how well your company is doing in each aspect and how you can improve. Here are some of the things that a brand audit can reveal:

  • If your brand is helping or hurting you
  • What your target market associates with your brand
  • If your company’s brand identity is consistently conveyed across all platforms
  • The areas that aren’t working and how to fix them
  • The maximum potential of your brand and how to effectively realize it

As part of Flyrise’s suite of branding services, your brand audit will be conducted by a multidisciplinary team of experts in research, social media, ad and brand strategy, media planning, copywriting, graphic design, and more. Flyrise will do a rigorous analysis of your brand’s current strategy, comparing it to the way you connect with customers and making suggestions on how to improve it to attract more potential customers.

Brand Audit Services

Our Brand Audit Checklist

The goal of a brand audit is to determine how well your company is perceived by its target audience. Here’s a checklist of how we will conduct a brand audit:

We begin by evaluating your objectives and strategic goals to establish a framework. The following are some of the things that need to be considered:

  • Your products’ or services’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Your direct competitors and how you compare to them
  • Your website’s purpose and functionality
  • Your chosen market and niche
  • What distinguishes your company from the competition
  • Marketing trends in the present and the future

If you only look at the web and social metrics, you won’t get the full picture. We can conduct surveys through email, phone, on your business website, or as an element of the buying process to get both quantitative and qualitative input from your customers.

A key component of the audit will be figuring out how customers are treated at all points of contact. This type of anecdotal feedback from actual customers can help personalize the audit and give you a better sense of how the general public views your brand. Data alone can’t answer some questions, such as how satisfied customers are with customer support or why they picked your brand over another.

External Marketing Materials

As part of our evaluation process, we’ll look at everything from your company logo to brochures, business cards, letterheads, product packaging, and sales sheets. Then we’ll compare them with your digital presence, including your company website, social media accounts, content marketing articles, and emails and newsletters. This allows us to determine whether all these aspects are consistent in terms of color, design, and tone of voice and how well each one targets your core demographic.

Web Analytics

Your website’s traffic is a great starting point because around 81% of shoppers perform web searches before purchasing. Using your website’s analytics, we’ll figure out how well it’s doing.

To determine whether or not your SEO or display ads are working or need to be improved, we analyze both paid and organic channels. Additionally, we can detect if visitors are coming from your target market. If you’re concerned about a sudden decline in traffic, we can also look at which sources are bringing in the most people. After all, a single Google update can change the way people use organic search.

Knowing your bounce rate is important since it tells you how many visitors come to your site and then instantly leave. It’s critical for e-commerce sites because most visitors who arrive at a landing page aren’t ready to buy right away. Bounce rates above 50% indicate that there is an issue with your site that is driving away visitors. Determining your bounce rate is the first step in improving it.

We will also help you with the crucial task of tracking conversions and conversion rates. A brand audit can tell you whether or not your site is getting the correct traffic and what type of content is most effective.

Social Data

Using social media data can help us get a better picture of your brand’s market and give us access to insights that are unavailable via other platforms.

We can learn more about your customers using social media’s demographic data. If your intended audience isn’t what you thought it was, we can readjust your messaging as needed.

We can help identify influencers by determining who promotes your website using links. Through sentiment analysis, it is possible to get an overall picture of the public’s feelings about your brand or a particular product or campaign.

By conducting a linguistic analysis based on the classification of mentions, we can help you discover how your brand is linked to other words and phrases. We can take advantage of this information, together with audience analysis, to reposition and accentuate your strengths while also meeting market demands.

Sales Data

There’s no doubt that you’ll be looking at sales data in your regular reports. However, looking at it in combination with other data will help us detect potential issues. By analyzing the customer journey, we can reveal problematic areas or discover new opportunities for growth.


A brand audit’s final step is to look at your competition to get a sense of where you fit in the market. This includes examining your competitors’ SEO keywords, rankings, content, backlinks, ads, and pricing. To help you better understand your competition, we will conduct a thorough review of their websites, social media accounts, and customer service. Social media can provide the same information about your rivals as your own brand because it isn’t gated like most data.

Action Plan

As part of the brand audit, we will identify any action items. Action items should be identified as part of the brand audit. Following a thorough investigation, we will draw up a list of specific goals and a projected timetable for achieving those goals.

Results Tracking

After implementing each action item, we’ll keep an eye on the results to see how far you’ve come. To ensure that your goals are being met, it may be necessary for us to conduct an audit at some point in the future. Nevertheless, remember that the market will continue to evolve and that companies must keep up with the times to stay competitive and relevant.

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Schedule a free strategy session with our branding experts
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Why You Need a Brand Assessment and Audit

Having a thorough audit is vital to creating a great brand. Establishing your brand’s positioning is simpler when your company is aware of its customer’s expectations and preferences. At Flyrise, we can help you discover fresh and innovative ways to set your brand apart from the competition through a brand audit. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a brand auditing service:

Find out how well your brand is doing in the marketplace as a whole

A brand audit is a good starting point in gaining an understanding of how your brand is viewed in the industry. It includes a thorough examination of your company’s culture, voice, positioning, social media, SEO, website, processes, and infrastructure.

Draw attention to crucial strengths and weaknesses

Brand audit results will show you which parts of your marketing are working well and which require more help or a new approach.

Recognize a shift in the demographic

If your demographics’ demands change, this might help you adapt your offerings to keep up with your competitors and avoid losing out on crucial market share.

Determine any additional external factors

By conducting a brand audit, you can identify critical areas where you can take advantage of fresh opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed by examining aspects such as politics, society, economics, and trends.

Make sure that your messages are consistent

With so many channels and platforms to choose from, it’s critical to be clear and consistent in your message and offer. A brand audit identifies areas where a company’s graphic and verbal presentation may be contradictory. As a result, you can ensure that your audience remembers and connects with you.

Gather the facts in numbers

You’ll be able to substantiate and defend any adjustments in strategy or suggestions for improvements using hard facts. This gives you the ability to build a plan for implementing change.

Recognize your clients’ or customers’ actual perceptions.

Client and customer interviews and surveys provide a complete picture of the brand from their point of view, whether positive or negative. This provides you with valuable and necessary information that helps you to implement new processes and bring about favorable changes.

Determine what your target market’s real demands are

An important element of a comprehensive brand audit is speaking directly with key stakeholders, business partners, and customers to learn how they perceive and interact with your brand. With these insights, it is possible to determine if the brand is valuable and whether it should be changed, evolved, or refined. User testing as part of the branding process will give you a better idea of how your target audience sees your brand in the marketplace.

See how you stack up against the competition

If your company’s branding is lacking, an audit can reveal how much business you’re potentially losing to your competitors. A customer dissatisfied with the brand’s inconsistency is more likely to go with the competition with a well-designed website and an easily recognizable tone of voice.

Separate effective marketing materials from those that aren’t

Doing an audit of your company’s brand will help you determine what marketing materials have worked and what needs to be improved in the future, especially if you’re thinking about revamping or refreshing your brand. An inventory audit of your marketing assets is critical for determining what materials are currently in use and what needs to be updated to reflect your newly discovered brand strategy.

Determine how the brand experience is aligned with the company’s goals

A brand audit will help you assess if your customers are engaging with your brand the way you anticipated they would. It will give you a comprehensive picture of how well your brand is doing in relation to your business objectives.

Offers a well-thought-out plan for the future

Brand audits provide you with a clearer idea of your company’s strengths and weaknesses and the candid feedback you need to keep improving. With the help of data analysis, you can build a solid foundation for your future business plans and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Having a concrete vision of where you’re going and how you will get there helps set you up for future success.

Brand Audit Service Case Studies

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