Brand Messaging Services

Brand Messaging Services

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Brand Messaging for Small and Midsize Businesses

Brand Messaging Strategy and Architecture for Businesses

Content marketing is a digital marketing branch involved in creating and sharing valuable online materials like videos, blogs, and social media posts to attract, engage, and retain audiences. Brands observing this strategy create game-changing content that stands out in a sea of competition. 

Think of Red Bull for inspiration. It’s a popular energy drink, but you won’t see it bombard consumers with boring, repetitive posts about ingredients, calorie content, or recipes. Instead, it uses exhilarating videos guaranteed to excite viewers. 

The average American consumer sees anywhere between 4,000 – 10,000 ads daily. Naturally, they often jump from platform to platform on autopilot, automatically ignoring any content that doesn’t resonate with them. 

For this reason, a brand messaging framework is necessary in this highly digital world. 

Business owners and marketing managers often forget to evaluate their efforts. This process includes measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that your plans are on track to success, such as your brand messaging architecture.

Brand messaging architecture is a set of communication goals that guide team efforts throughout the business. It typically starts from the corporate marketing level and trickles down to cross-functional stakeholders. The most successful global content teams use it as their North Star — a metric that drives revenue, customer value, and progress. 

If you don’t have a brand messaging framework yet, now would be an ideal time to start. After all, apart from aligning your content marketing efforts, it also guides teams in their decisions, from partnerships to product design to brand identity. It helps organizations achieve an agile marketing approach that ensures a unified brand message regardless of channel. 

Ideally, you should be present digitally wherever your target market is. If a Facebook-Instagram-public relations(PR)-website-email strategy works best for your audience, then focus on that. 

However, you should implement a system to unify your efforts and marketing assets across various platforms. Otherwise, your strategies will lead to unhappy customers, confused consumer expectations, and a damaged reputation. 

A documented brand messaging strategy as part of our suite of branding services can help you coordinate your efforts and stay consistent across all venues. This seemingly simple technique can be the difference you need to create thought-provoking, emotion-inducing content.

What Is Brand Messaging?

Expert marketers should be master storytellers. It takes time to perfect this skill, but the results are worth it. They should craft an entire brand identity to tell the world what a business does, what it’s about, and how it’s different from the competition. These factors make a brand relatable to its existing and potential clients. 

Industry leaders like Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike understand that they should connect emotionally with consumers to succeed. If people feel positive emotions when they think about your brand, you’ve already won half the battle. For instance, Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike can induce emotions like comfort, happiness, and motivation. 

Brand messaging is a crucial component of this journey. 

Essentially, it’s how you communicate your unique selling proposition (USP) through your verbal and nonverbal messaging. It’s the culmination of the ads, design, language, influencers, and events you use when reaching your ideal audience. Without it, forming a relationship with your clients would be impossible. 

So, why do you need a brand messaging strategy?

For starters, having a consistent brand message across various marketing efforts boosts your recognition and reliability. Customers learn what to expect from your business and trust you to deliver on your promise. 

It’s one of the key elements of nurturing leads from awareness to consideration to conversion to loyalty to advocacy. 

Loyal customers are a gem. The Marketing Pareto Principle states that these individuals make up 80% of a company’s revenue. 

However, brand advocates are priceless. They love your brand so much that they walk around like free advertisements, recommending your products and services to their loved ones and friends. 

Consistent brand messaging can help you boost loyalty and advocacy. We recommend this solid strategy for achieving sales, lead generation, and engagement targets.

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The Different Brand Messaging Tools You Need

Now that you know how crucial brand messaging is to your digital marketing efforts, it’s time to learn how to achieve your goals.

You can use as many or as few tools as you need to boost your online presence. The most important thing to remember is to address the needs of your target market. Ultimately, your strategies should cater to their preferences.

Below are some of the most popular tools marketers use today.

Video Tools

YouTube tutorials, Facebook stories, TikTok reels, web ads, and website videos fall under this category. Video has become the gold standard of content creation because of its ability to convey various ideas quickly and accurately.

Audio Tools

These components remind consumers of brands through recognizable sounds. They’re powerful features because they don’t need visual signs to remind clients of particular products or services. Think “Give me that Filet-o-fish. Give me that fish,” or “I’m Lovin’ It,” by McDonald’s.

Content Marketing

This digital marketing branch refers to the creation of valuable materials for a particular audience. Check out Coca-Cola’s Instagram page for inspiration. Instead of boring their viewers with information on calorie content, ingredients, or product lines, the company develops fun and relatable posts.

Visual Tools

These instruments are the first thing that consumers notice. You can’t attract quality audiences without the right visual techniques. The logo and slogan are the two most critical aspects of visual branding.


The digital version of this technique includes influencer partnerships, giveaways, testimonials, and reviews — which 79% of consumers trust as much as personal recommendations.

There’s no one-size fits all solution for brand messaging. Discover your potential clients’ preferences before building a strategy and keep testing to pinpoint improvement opportunities.

Brand Messaging Services

Creating a Strategic Messaging Framework

At Flyrise, we follow a strategic messaging framework process to ensure that no brand messaging component strays from the plan. Below is our tried-and-tested method that has helped hundreds of small and midsize companies develop their identity for the past ten years.

Step 1: Develop a Customer Profile

The first step in achieving brand messaging success is to know who you want to target with your strategies. Be as specific as you can. Include age, location, gender, spending preferences, and online habits. It’s okay to segment your ideal clients into buyer personas.

Step 2: Meet With Decision-Makers

Afterward, we meet with the stakeholders, including business owners, customer support heads, and sales representatives. These interactions give us a better idea of the company’s brand value. During these sessions, we will discover if the brand’s target image matches how clients perceive the company messaging.

Step 3: Identify Message Pillars

Message pillars are the core communication bits you want to relay to your target audience. They will be the heart and soul of your strategy and should reflect your values, USP, and points of differentiation. 

These are benefits categories that capture the essence of your brand. Read them out loud to get a feel of how the market will understand them.

Step 4: Create a Set of Benefits for Each Pillar

Create a set of benefits, not features. Check out some brand taglines for inspiration:

  • Dollar Shave Club: “Shave time. Shave money.”
  • MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”
  • The Mosaic Company: “We help the world grow the food it needs.”
  • BMW: “Designed for driving pleasure.”
  • Audi: “Advancement through technology.”

At a glance, consumers should understand the advantages of buying your products and services.

Step 5: Prove Your Claims

Using numbers is a good idea, especially when targeting other businesses. For example, you can say, “Over 90% of our riders can pick up a parcel in under 30 minutes.” Doing so will resonate more with your audiences.

Start Attracting Your Perfect Customers!

Schedule a free strategy session with our branding experts
Receive a customized proposal for the branding services you need
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our branding pros get to work!
Schedule a free strategy session with our branding experts
Receive a customized proposal for the branding services you need
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our branding pros get to work!

Schedule Free Brand Messaging Strategy Session

Elevate Your Marketing with a Brand Messaging Strategist

A brand messaging strategy can make or break your marketing efforts. It’s all about a collective endeavor across various channels. One of the biggest challenges of this approach is that one flaw in your plan can damage your reputation and send you back two steps from where you started. 

Whether they want to admit it or not, small and midsize owners will need a marketing agency at some point. Those who ignore the signs and pretend everything is okay often regret their decision. 

Expert marketing teams can review, refresh, and connect your brand with your target market. Trust us on this: It’s no easy feat. 

You need to identify your target market, establish your voice, develop your USP, determine a brand story, and create a plan to maintain consistency across all your platforms. One wrong move can send your whole strategy crashing down. 

If you don’t have a brand messaging expert on your team, it’s best to leave these tasks to the pros. 

At Flyrise, we know what it takes to make businesses of all sizes and industries stand out in a sea of competition. We’ve been operational for over a decade now, and our marketing and branding specialists have been in the industry for far longer. 

We have the professionals, experience, technologies, and skills to develop an exceptional brand marketing strategy. And we would love to help you create yours.

Stop wasting your time and money on strategies that don’t work. Schedule a free marketing consultation now to discover the power of having an expert marketing team on your side.

An Omnichannel Brand Messaging Strategy

The digital world has made it convenient for consumers to engage with brands through various channels, from websites to social media chat boxes to email. However, is it necessary to be available in all of them? The short answer is yes, absolutely.

Today, most marketing experts will agree that an omnichannel approach is a game-changer. It may be a complicated strategy, but learning the ins and outs is worth it. Modern consumers are so used to companies bombarding them with messages that they have become super selective of brand interactions.

An omnichannel approach offers various benefits, including the following:

Improved User Experience (UX)

An omnichannel approach focuses on individual experience across various devices. For this reason, the customer-centric approach drives revenue and retention rates.

Holistic Approach

Developing a cohesive plan across channels makes your brand more easily recognizable. Focusing on your customer preferences lets you deliver more targeted messaging across the board and encourage loyalty and advocacy.

Increased Revenue

An omnichannel approach enables customers to engage with brands across various touchpoints and channels. These more frequent and diverse engagements at different stages of the buyer’s journey encourage potential clients to complete transactions, therefore boosting sales.

Better Attribution Data

Apart from boosting UX, engagements, and revenue, an omnichannel approach provides organizations with a gold mine of valuable engagement information. For instance, you can appreciate the customer journey more after learning when they engage with you and which campaigns resonate with them. Having such data on your side can help you develop more targeted campaigns in the future, helping you minimize spending and achieve higher returns.

Brand Messaging Service Case Studies

See for yourself some of our favorite branding projects and success stories!

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