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Email marketing may be one of the oldest methods in the book, but there’s a reason why it’s still a relevant marketing strategy today. Although the majority of us have moved to instant messaging platforms for daily conversation, email still provides a good channel for businesses to stay in contact with prospects, leads, and customers. Small businesses and brands are the ones who benefit the most from email marketing. While posting on social media gives you access to a broader audience, email marketing provides a direct messaging channel wherein businesses can initiate one-on-one conversations with customers.

Many businesses today build their online presence and gain brand awareness through email marketing. Our Flyrise team is composed of small business email marketing experts that are determined to help businesses flourish. Our services include high-quality copywriting, cohesive email strategies, email automation, and many more. Not only do we create comprehensive email copy to represent your brand but we also make sure to get the message across to your target audience. An email is one of the biggest marketing assets that any brand can possess. With our services, we guarantee that you can make the most of it.

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Email Marketing Services

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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing isn’t as simple as typing out a message and pressing send. You need to build your own email marketing strategy before you can contact your leads and customers through your campaigns.

Structure and planning are the two key points in creating a detailed and functional email marketing plan. Having these strategies helps you in setting goals for your campaigns, figuring out which direction you want to go in, and knowing the right steps to take to generate awareness and leads through your emails. It’s essentially a game plan of all the things you need to accomplish during your campaign. These strategies allow you to work toward your expected outcome while preparing you for any hurdles or challenges you may encounter throughout the process.

There are a lot of processes and planning involved in creating a solid email marketing strategy. We are confident that our team is skilled and competent enough to ace all of them. Each member of our email marketing agency has had ample experience in creating and deploying several kinds of email marketing strategies. We take everything we’ve learned through our time in the industry and turn it into innovative and creative solutions to help your email marketing campaigns succeed.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Design

The design and layout of your emails are essential elements of email marketing. Having a well-crafted email marketing design may be the key to capturing your audience’s attention from the beginning of the email until the end. Our team can create any type of design, mainly based on our client’s preferences. The visual aspect of your emails is one of the factors that contribute to building your brand’s image. The design is most likely the first thing that will capture your lead or customer’s attention when they open the email, so it’s important that the design is fully comprehensive but dynamic at the same time.

We aim to help our clients achieve the ideal image that they want to project through their emails. The design can greatly affect an audience’s impression of a brand, as the visual aspects of an email often represent the brand’s ideals and their sense of style. Whether you’re looking for a creative and colorful layout or something sleeker and more professional, we can guarantee that we can deliver exactly what you need. Our clients’ needs and preferences are our top priority in creating email marketing designs, but the experts in our team are also happy to provide some suggestions and advice when needed.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Copywriting

The content is the most vital part of your email marketing campaign. The content of your message and the way you deliver it may determine the impact it leaves on your audience. The message and design of an email work hand-in-hand to create a cohesive message for your clients and leads, which is why our team exerts equal effort in creating high-quality outcomes for both. Our team is skilled and experienced in many forms of copywriting. Through our time in the industry, we have explored and mastered several writing styles, tones, and strategies. Our experience has also given us extensive knowledge about how to appeal to an audience through persuasive and captivating writing.

We align our writing style and tone with the image that our clients want to project as a brand. Our team can create content that is interesting, inviting, or helpful, depending on the purpose of an email. These emails are meant to create a direct relationship with your audience, so the way you address them and their concerns is vital to your brand’s reputation. Efficient and informative copywriting builds trust between a business and their audience, which is what email marketing aims to achieve.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Automation

Automation saves precious time and effort during your email marketing campaigns. Although email marketing is all about building a one-on-one relationship with your leads and clients, it would be incredibly time-consuming to message, respond, and follow up on all of your contacts one by one. This is why email automation has become an essential function of every campaign. It allows you to send emails at the most optimal time without having to do it yourself. Having an automated system helps you send tons of emails at a time, allowing you to continue working on other aspects of your campaign.

Our team can help your brand set up a fully functional and optimized system that suits your business’ needs. We will also deploy useful tools and resources to personalize emails according to the prospect, lead, or customer’s needs. This ensures brands will be able to target the right audience with the ideal topics and approach. We will take care of everything from installation to deployment, so there’s no need to worry about going through a long setup process. Flyrise also provides simple and brief training about how the automation system works so that our clients know exactly how to use it to their advantage.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Analytics

Setting up analytics features for your email marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways to track your progress. There are many useful tools that can be used to enhance the efficiency and productivity of an email campaign. Our team will help you set up these tools and integrate them into your campaign so that you are able to monitor all actions and outcomes. This may include useful data that could help you in constructing suitable emails and enhancing your campaign to match what your audience is looking for.

Email marketing analytics play a significant role in helping your brand flourish. Targeting your audience is a trial-and-error process, wherein you must identify what kind of approach and content generates the most leads, conversions, and sales. Some of the most useful analytics to monitor during your campaign are the clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and ROI. This set of data displays how many people are clicking on your outbound links, how many sales or opt-in registrations were accomplished from the email, and how successful your campaign has been in terms of income. These are only a few examples out of the various analytics options available. Let us know what you need and we will set it up for you.

Email Marketing Services

Small Business Email Marketing

Email marketing is most useful for small businesses that aim to build trust and credibility with their audience. Compared to existing and popular brands, small businesses have to exert additional effort into helping their brand become a trusted and known option among consumers. Email marketing is the best way to make this happen. As a team of email marketing experts, we specialize in helping small businesses achieve their goals and enhance their brand by creating smart email marketing strategies, reliable copywriting and designs, and providing any services they may need to fulfill their campaign.

Unlike large-scale companies, small businesses often target an audience that is within their local area. We can help our clients reach their target audience and demographics through our knowledge of research, analytics, and targeting strategies. We are experienced in working with brands of all sizes, so rest assured that we know exactly which steps to take to help your business grow. Through our email marketing services, small businesses can achieve increased brand awareness, generate more conversions and sales, and emerge into their local industry as a top option in their field.

If you want to create a functional and effective marketing campaign to help your brand stand out among competitors, then contact us or book a demo today! We are looking forward to working with you.

Our Email Marketing Campaign Process

Schedule a free strategy session with our email marketing experts
Receive a customized proposal for your email campaign
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our email marketing pros get to work!
Schedule a free strategy session with our email marketing experts
Receive a customized proposal for your email campaign
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our email marketing pros get to work!

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Email Marketing FAQs

Why Choose Flyrise as Your Email Marketing Company?

Working with Flyrise gives you access to a reliable team and a set of services that are essential in building an impactful online presence and relationship with your audience. Our services and skills are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. We are confident in our abilities to assist you in achieving your goals. Here are some of the top reasons why you should work with our team.

Flexible Pricing

We provide the services you need at a price range that is curated to meet your budget. We have worked with both small and large-scale businesses throughout our time in the industry, so we understand that different businesses may have different needs when it comes to their email marketing campaigns. We want to ensure that our clients will be getting the most out of what they paid for. With that, we can guarantee that our services are fully scalable. You will only be charged for the services you require. Feel free to upgrade or downscale anytime. After all, our main goal is to give you what your business needs.

Work With a Professional Email Marketing Agency

Working with an email marketing agency like Flyrise provides many opportunities and resources. We take pride in the skills that we have acquired through our time in the industry. All members of our team have the essential skills needed to create an effective email marketing campaign. We will assist you in building a comprehensive email marketing strategy and keep you involved throughout the entire process. Flyrise takes a collaborative approach to delivering our services, ensuring that all outcomes will align with our client’s preferences and what their audience is looking for.

We Deliver Results

We have deployed our 4-step marketing process with all of the clients we have worked with, and it has worked like a charm every time. We can guarantee the efficacy of our methods as a catalyst to your brand’s growth. Our email marketing strategies are proven to be effective — just ask our previous clients. All of the clients we have worked with in the past can vouch for our methods. We take pride in our marketing framework, which promotes innovation and progress through a collaborative and client-centered approach.

Work With Skilled and Experienced Email Marketing Experts in the Industry

Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who have had years of experience in digital marketing, including email marketing. We have email marketing specialists and email marketing consultants onboard to help our clients deploy their desired strategies, while offering our professional advice and suggestions on how they can help their brand grow through the process. Rest assured that all members of our team are experienced and knowledgeable in all skills needed to accomplish an effective email marketing campaign. We have spent years studying and researching e-commerce, digital marketing, and testing out several methods and strategies for finding the right audience and targeting them.

The Flyrise team is ready to help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and create an effective email marketing strategy that will help them generate more leads and conversions, while consistently coming up with new ideas to improve the campaign’s performance. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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