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Copywriting Services for Small and Midsized Businesses

Copy is written text printed or published for people to consume. It helps businesses in promoting their brands. Marketers and advertisers use compelling copy to persuade people to take action. To take action means replying to an email, buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, subscribing to a website, and so on. There are two types of copy: digital and print copy. Digital copy is the one you see on websites, blogs, articles, social media, emails, and more. In contrast, print copy appears in magazines, newspapers, business plans, and billboards. People who specialize in writing marketing and advertising copy are called copywriters. Copywriters are in demand because they’re vital to any business's success. Having professionally written copy can foster profitability. Compelling copy can create a lasting impact on consumers and lead them to take action by buying your products or services. Good copy should be clear, direct, and unique with the right keywords to be considered effective. It should be able to fascinate readers and drive them to respond to a CTA. Professional copywriting can take different forms but its ultimate goal is to create a compelling story that will sell a product or service to a target audience. Anyone in the business world would want a good copywriter who can create smart copy that sells. Skilled copywriters always keep their minds on the target market in order to produce well-crafted copy. This can turn a stranger into a loyal customer. Flyrise offers copywriting services that will help you in crafting compelling copy that can resonate with your target market. Our professional copywriters have experience in creating messages throughout different industries. We can provide your business with customized solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Copywriting Agency Services

Copywriting Services

Web Copywriting

Website copywriting is a method of writing digital content for home pages, blog posts, product pages, landing pages, and other marketing content to prompt action for a website.

Well-made website copy will draw more visitors to your website and lead them to reach for your services or products. It’s an intentional form of writing that needs to be studied and practiced. You need to invest in your website copywriting to stand out among your competitors.

Think of yourself as a customer looking for a service or product online. A website that has informative and engaging content will attract you more than a website that has poorly written and uninteresting content. That’s why your website copy matters for your customers to be enticed.

Compelling web copy will highlight your brand's strengths and values, persuading readers to choose your services or buy your products. Our skilled copywriters know how to use the right words for a specific audience and make sure that they use the right keywords to direct traffic to your website.

Copywriting Services

Blog Writing

Blog writing is one way to make fresh content for your website. Blogs are either short or long-form easy-to-read articles that can help expand your brand's visibility. Creating blogs for your website allows you to present keywords that can draw in the right audience and grow your business.

The main goal of writing blogs is to generate traffic to your website. Regular blog content informs search engines that your website is actively updated, hence should be checked often to see the latest content. Creating engaging blogs will eventually convert visitors into leads.

Blogs not only inform readers about your product or services but also allow you to give your company a voice. Blogging is an excellent platform to share your stance and opinions on relevant topics and makes your company more relatable to your audience.

However, blog writing is not as easy as it seems because it can be hard to find inspiration and time to write fresh new articles. Our blog content writing services will help you create unique and SEO-friendly blog posts to help you achieve your content marketing goals and drive long-term results.

Copywriting Services

Email copywriting is a significant factor in making your email marketing campaign successful. Email copywriting is defined as the process of writing an email to a potential customer to encourage a conversion. It has unique qualities such as brevity and persuasiveness and should have no unnecessary details or fillers.

When writing email copy, you must focus on a specific goal. Whatever your goal, the email's content should drive the subscribers towards achieving this goal. It must also have an impactful subject line so that readers will take the time to read your email. It should contain a single and straightforward CTA. Good email copy can build relationships with leads, past customers, and new customers.

4 Our email copywriting team ensures that your email will convince the recipients to engage with it by replying or clicking the CTA to lead them to your desired page and bring them around to an offer. Email marketing is a very powerful marketing tool if done right.

Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting combines SEO best practices and effective writing to attract users to buy products or services. It is a crucial digital marketing strategy because no matter how good your in-house writers are, they still need to incorporate SEO best practices for more effective content. Search engine algorithms are continuously changing; therefore, a good SEO copywriter should not just be good at writing but needs to know relevant keywords and practices to connect and convince readers and web crawlers.

At Flyrise, we understand the difficulty of creating great content regularly. It takes time and skills in order to produce good content that can boost your ranking on search engine results. SEO copywriting is a very specific form of copywriting, that's why hiring professionals would be your best option.

We will help you have a fully-optimized website with well-written content, proper formatting, appropriate keywords, and internal links. Our SEO copywriting services guarantee that your website will increase in rankings on search engines, drive traffic to your website, grow conversion rates, and reduce bounce rates.

Copywriting Services

Ad copywriting is writing content for advertisements to encourage potential customers to buy a product. Good ad copy will make consumers think that the product or service will be the best solution to their problems. Compelling ad copy can elicit an emotional response and offer value to the customers, increasing your company's profits and sales.

Effective ad copy contains powerful headlines that spark curiosity or appeal to a desire or fear. The main goal of a good headline is to make people read the entire ad campaign. If an ad is well-written, it can appeal to the customers' reasoning, making them want to buy the product or service.

Our writers have the skills to do audience research and create catchy and interesting ad copies for your brand that will attract potential customers and lead them into action. Our ad copywriting services will deliver impactful advertisements that provide informative messaging that influences customer decision-making.

Copywriting Services

Landing Page Copywriting

The landing page is the space where you showcase your brand's services and products. It contains a direct message to the audience and a clear CTA. The landing page is significant for your website because its content converts readers and delivers sales.

In order to increase conversion rates, your landing page should be professional, clear, and appealing. Poorly written landing page copy will most likely bounce visitors who will never visit your site again. A landing page has very limited navigation to keep the readers focused on the products and services you offer. It plays a vital role in marketing and sales strategy to lead conversions.

If you want an effective landing page, don't fret. We are here to help you! We provide an affordable landing page copywriting service that will ensure you capture leads and drive sales. We can deliver a high-quality landing page that will create conversions and build your customer base.

Copywriting Services

Creative copywriting is one step ahead of regular copywriting. As the name implies, creative copy is a combination of creative or imaginative writing skills and copywriting skills. It is also safe to say that creative copywriting is task-focused while creative writing is reader-focused.

A creative copywriter sets the brand's tone and writes catchy and captivating phrases to capture the attention of a potential customer. They also have the skills to think out of the box and give unique viewpoints that make the reader feel interested in the products or services. They are the reason why you sometimes buy a product you don't need.

Our team of creative writers is not only good with words but also knows the proven formula of excellent creative copy. At Flyrise, we’ve got you covered for your brand's next campaign with our creative copywriting services. We'll make sure that people get excited, persuaded, and move them to act in a jiffy!

Copywriting Services

Sales copy is normally seen in brochures, email, web pages, and other informative media. It’s written text that aims to influence readers to buy products or services.

Sometimes, even if you have a good product, a lower-quality product can make more sales if you lack convincing sales copy. Some consumers don't have time to research products, which makes sales copy a very effective way to persuade consumers to buy your products.

There are rules and formulas for good sales copy. Our sales copywriters have mastered the art of making sales copy and ensure you that they can provide well-written sales copy for your business.

Hiring a third party to perform your sales copywriting projects will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your company. Contact Flyrise for more information.

Our Professional Copywriting Process

Schedule a free strategy session with our expert writers
Receive a customized proposal for your copywriting needs
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our incredible copywriters get to work!
Schedule a free strategy session with our expert writers
Receive a customized proposal for your copywriting needs
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the grow as our incredible copywriters get to work!

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Why Choose Flyrise as Your Copywriting Agency?

Copywriting is not just about writing words for your brand’s campaign. It should be clear, concise, and captivating copy for your website, ads, or other marketing materials.

Flyrise will help your business attract and retain customers with compelling copy. Our team of writers has many years of experience in copywriting and understands the art of it well. We will create the right message and tone to reach your brand’s goal.

Flyrise will help you grow your business by:

  • Crafting an organized yet creative message that touches your target market.
  • Boost the visibility of your website in search engine results pages by using keyword-rich content.
  • Use effective words and the right keywords to increase recognition or awareness of your company’s products or services.

Flyrise provides a wide array of copywriting services which include: Web Copywriting, Blog Writing, Email Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, Ad Copywriting, Landing Page Copywriting, Creative Copywriting, and Sales Copywriting. Our goal is to provide professional and affordable copywriting services to small and midsize businesses looking to grow.

Choosing Flyrise will give your company the following benefits:

  • Saves time and gives you more freedom to run your business.
  • Creates connections with your target market.
  • Guarantees your brand’s consistency.
  • Inspires customers to take action.
  • Helps your company or brand stand out from your competitors.

Let our highly-skilled and experienced copywriters do the work for you. Copywriting is a balance between art and science. If you struggle to find the right words to attract and convert your customers, then hiring us is your best solution. Don’t let sloppy copy halt your way to success. Contact Flyrise now to learn more about our copywriting services!

Copywriting FAQs

What Are Copywriting Services?

By definition, copywriting refers to the practice of writing text for the express purpose of selling something, whether that be a service or a product. These pieces of writing are usually focused on keeping the reader interested in what you are selling, and gaining traffic for your business. Copywriters are simply highly skilled writers with a knack for business, and copywriting services represent the process of selling that writing ability.

Why Hire a Copywriting Company?

A copywriter is skilled at word placement. They can string specific words together in a precise way to entice a consumer to buy your product or hire your company. Not only can they generate traffic for your business, but the manner in which they write can help all aspects of your unique brand to feel cohesive. Your brand wants to target a specific audience, and a copywriter can talk directly to them. Additionally, many small businesses are too busy to produce their own high-quality copy, so working with the professionals is often the best way to build this asset base.

How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

It’s difficult to nail down an average price for copywriting, as there is a very broad price range. For example, the average cost has been estimated at $25 to $25,000 per page! The reason for this stems from several important factors including but not limited to page content, page length, and even the skill of the copywriter or copywriting agency. Our rates here generally fall in the $100-$200 an hour range, depending on the nature of the project.

What Are the Different Types of Copywriting?

There are many types of copywriting in today’s world. These include SEO, Creative/Brand, Social Media, Marketing, Public Relations, Technical, Thought Leadership, and Direct-Response copywriting. While some writers can turn their hand to multiple different styles and approaches, it’s very rare to find somebody who is versed in the whole range. Hiring a company ensures that you get matched with the right copywriter for your business.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is the practice of writing to maximize SEO opportunity by using search engine optimization tools and strategies to help boost a website’s search engine ranking. SEO Copywriters consider many things when writing copy for your website. These include, but are not limited to, keyword density, tone, style, and readability. All together, the goal is to organically increase your websites ranking in everyday search engine results.

How Do You Learn My Brand’s Voice?

At the beginning of any campaign, we will have a kick-off workshop as well as a series of phone calls to learn as much as we can about you, your industry, your customer, and everything else necessary to help you grow as a business. We’ll alsol be sure to assign a writer to you that we feel is perfectly suited to your needs based on their voice, skills, and experience. There will always be a small learning curve at the beginning of any business relationship, but we strive to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Do You Outsource Your Copywriting Services?

We will never outsource our copywriting services. We have an incredible team of dedicated writers right here in-house. Every one of our writers will help to elevate your website with their unique style, experience, and individual marketing specialties. Not only do we have a great team for you to choose from, we will be sure to pair you with the perfect writer for your unique needs.

Copywriting Rates & Pricing

Flyrise offers custom pricing depending on the type of project. Our prices fall in the middle range of copywriting rates while giving you only the best and most well-crafted copy. We take pride in offering our clients high-quality copywriting services at affordable prices.

We provide project-based proposals or monthly plans for ongoing needs. We love to see your business grow. Contact us today to know more about our process and pricing details!

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